Federal Government Set to Investigate Possible Tech Monopoly

The Federal Government and Congress are working to determine whether some of America’s leading tech companies are too big.

The House Judiciary Committee is now looking into the market dominance of U.S. Tech giants to determine whether their size is hurting consumers.

They’re trying to figure out whether antitrust statutes need to be updated, which hasn’t happened in decades.

Lawmakers say they want to hear from the leaders of the tech giants and they plan to hold hearings and call witnesses, even if they need to issue subpoenas.

Apple CEO Tim Cook says he doesn’t think Apple is too big but isn’t surprised that the company is being scrutinized.

“I think scrutiny is fair,” said Cook. “We should be scrutinized.

“I don’t think that anybody reasonable is going to come to the conclusion that Apple is a monopoly.”

Cook also says he’s vowing to move forward with privacy protections, something lawmakers say they want to look into as well.

Facebook, Google and Amazon have not yet responded to the potential inquiries.



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