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Family Still Seeking Justice in Son’s Murder

An innocent victim shot dead while house-sitting for a friend. Kentucky State Police say the young man was shot and killed in cold blood, but he may not have been the intended target.

The Police are asking for help in solving this cold case.

Blake Crews was 20 years old and had his entire life ahead of him, but it was cut short while he was giving up his time to help a friend.

January 2015 is when the Crews forever lost a piece of their puzzle here on Earth. The family’s youngest child and only son, Blake, was found shot dead. More than four years have passed and to this day no one has been held responsible for Blake’s death.

“He was on his way back to Kentucky Wesleyan College and probably would have finished with a degree and got a job like everyone else and started a family and had all the things that everybody dreams of except for someone did the unthinkable,” said Blake’s mother Donna Crews.

You can’t mistake Blake Crews. The red-headed 20-year-old was full of life. A musician, marching to the beat of his own drum.

“We’re angry all the time, every single day because the case hasn’t been solved and no one has been punished for it so we’re angry,” said Blake’s dad Greg Crews.

The past 4 ½ years has been a whirlwind of emotions. Grief, Blake’s family says doesn’t go away.

“He was just the brother that I always wanted, so just to lose him so tragically…,” said Blake’s sister Amanda Miller.

January 2020 will mark five years since Blake was found shot dead at a home on Fairmount Ave. in Henderson. Blake was there housesitting.

“One of the plausible theories was he was not the intended person,” said KSP trooper Corey King.

Kentucky State Police say, intended target or not, Blake was murdered in cold-blood and there are people who may not have been involved, but can help solve the case.

“I can tell you there’s probably multiple people who knows exactly who Blake Crews’ killer is and they need to be the ones to step up and help us,” said King.

More than four years later, whoever holds crucial information has not come forward. The unanswered questions bring an excruciating pain to Blake’s loved ones.

What gets them through the day is the memories they have of Blake.

“We enjoy hearing people talk to us about Blake because we knew how special he was and we love hearing other people tell us what he meant to them and I’m proud of him, but I think my time was cut short, his was too,” said Donna Crews.

KSP says there are persons of interest in the case, but no suspects have been named.

“At this point, even though we’re still working on a few leads, it’s not where we need to be or want to be,” said King. “It’s certainly not where we need to be for the family.”

Donna and Greg say everyday they think of their son. Amanda named her firstborn after her late brother. Her little one knows exactly where to find uncle Blake.

“He knows as soon as we hit one of those lights down here, he says, ‘we have to go. We have to go look at Blake’s tree and he takes off,” Miller says.

Last year, Blake’s fraternity brothers planted a remembrance tree along Henderson’s Riverfront to honor his life. Four blue ribbons were placed on the tree, one for every year Blake has been gone.

The hope is one day the tree will be free of ribbons, a sight meaning justice for Blake.

Conscience can weigh heavy and it can be convicting.

“My life’s work and calling has been to help other people in doing all kinds of different things and I just need someone to help us. Somebody,” said Donna Crews.

KSP hopes whoever is carrying the burden breaks down and does what is right.

“Someone is privy to that information,” said King. “They’re the ones bothered with it over time. Even though they were not the killer, they were the holder of the delicate information that can forever change the family’s lives.”

If you are the person holding the crucial information that could help solve who killed Blake Crews, police need your help. There is a $15,000 reward for information that would lead to an arrest and conviction of whoever is responsible for Blake’s murder.

If you have information, call KSP Post 16. You can also call KSP’s Anonymous tip line at 1-800-222-5555.



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