Family Speaks Out After Human Remains Found

Earlier this week, the Vanderburgh County Coroner confirmed the identity of the body discovered under an Evansville garage. The remains belong to 30-year-old Evonne Pullen who had been reported missing by her family over the summer.

Investigators received a tip that led to the gruesome discovery at a home in the 10-hundred block of North Third Avenue. The coroner confirms, Pullen died from blunt force trauma.

According to the affidavit, her killer likely punched Pullen weeks leading up to her death.

Evonne Marie Pullen’s loved ones describe her as a kind-hearted and loving person who didn’t deserve to be treated so poorly.

“She had the demeanor of wanting to be loved and wanting to give love. I know she did not realize how much a lot of people did love her,” says Karla Pullen, Evonne Pullen’s great aunt.

Now the Pullen family is mourning her death while fighting for justice.

“For Evonne and the way Evonne was, there was absolutely no reason for abuse, no reason for murder, no reason to torture her and do the things that they done to her,” says Karla Pullen.

Karla Pullen says the last time family members spoke to Evonne was September 17, 2018. Little did they know, she could be murdered just eight days later.

Pullen is from Virginia but moved to Evansville with Angela Paul shortly before she was killed. The two of them lived in Evansville with Angela’s mother, Joan Paul and her husband Gary Anderson.

In July 2019, after Evonne Pullen’s family had stopped hearing from her for about 9 months, fear started setting in.

“My heart knew. My heart knew I would never physically see her again,” says Karla Pullen.

Monday, November 11, the Pullen family’s worst nightmare became a reality when investigators made a gruesome discovery. They found a badly decomposed body wrapped in a plastic tarp buried under a dirt floor a detached garage at the home where Angela Paul, Joan Paul, and Gary Anderson used to live.

Authorities say Pullen was killed in the home on September 25th of 2018. The cause of death was blunt force trauma.

“She did not deserve that. She did not have an evil bone in her body and those people don’t have one good one,” says Karla Pullen,

Angela Paul, Joan Paul, and Gary Anderson were all arrested on charges of obstruction of justice, abuse of a corpse and failure to report a body. Angela Paul is also facing one murder charge.

Gary Anderson and Joan Paul are being held on a five thousand dollar bond with an initial hearing set for November 15th.



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