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Family Speaks Out After Courtroom Attack

Minutes after a Gibson County father was sentenced for the death of his three-month-old son, he was violently attacked outside the courtroom by the baby’s uncle.

Kwin Boes had just received his sentence and was exiting the courtroom door escorted by deputies when the man stood laying in wait attacked, sending blood streaming across the floor and a jail issued sandal flying.

“He’s going through some things. He’s upset anyway. That really upset him just to see him come out, I don’t know if he heard how much time he got or if he was just upset about his nephew. This is a horrible crime,” said Lisa Hartley, three-month-old Parker Boes’ grandmother said of the attack.

Lisa had no idea her son was just outside, or what he had planned.

Overcome with grief and emotion, the uncle of this precious three month old–Jeremiah Matthew Hartley–chose to take justice into his own hands.

He hauled off, and punched Boes with such force that he fell to the ground and started bleeding, striking out against the man who had just plead guilty in the death of his nephew.

“Parker was such a sweetheart. He smiled all the time. He was just a happy baby. He wasn’t even three months old yet,” Lisa Hartley recalled.

Boes was escorted in cuffs and chains from the courtroom after the judge’s decision: 25 years in Indiana Department of Corrections, with 6 of those years in work release.

But Jeremiah Hartley seized the opportunity to inflict his own punishment.

“I ain’t even (expletive) fighting you guys,” he told deputies arresting him.

Other family members inside the courtroom for Boes’ sentence say they wanted more done to Boes for the death of Parker.

“I wish that the defendant and the court could’ve been in my shoes and had seen what I’d seen. To see this small baby lie there and fight for his life,” stated Mike Hartley, the baby’s grandfather.

“My grandson’s not coming back ever, Lisa Hartley said through tears. “I don’t care what happens to Kwin. I don’t care what happens to him ever.

Parker’s uncle took it upon himself to do more.

“(Expletive). No bail no rights, no rights in this (expletive),” he said after his own hearing. He had gone before the same judge who just sentenced the man who admitted guilt in his nephew’s death.

Hartley was given 179 days in jail for contempt, with misdemeanor battery charges from the state.

The family said it only adds to their already difficult time of heartbreak and legal battles.



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