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Pharmacist Killed in Bizarre Accident Has Family Searching for Answers

A young Pharmacist with big dreams and an even bigger heart dies in a bizarre accident. The deadly wreck happened along the Natcher Parkway just miles outside of Owensboro in 2013.

Dr. Lacy Brinton left her job at Walgreen’s. She was heading home from Bowling Green, but Lacy never made it.

A substantial amount of soybean mill spilled on the Natcher Parkway, ultimately causing a wreck that killed Dr. Brinton. Six years later, the Brinton family and authorities are still looking for answers as to who is responsible.

Dr. Lacy Brinton had big dreams and many, she was able to see through in her short 27 years. The young Pharmacist had fervor for life but she also had premonition that her time was running out.

It was Christmas 2012 when Lacy told her mom, something no mother wants to hear.

“She confided in me that she was having bad dreams that she dies in her car,” said Lacy’s mother Tammy Brinton.

They’re often called premonition dreams.

“She gets in a wreck on the highway and dies in her car,” Tammy Brinton said.

Dreams that reoccur.

“She says she’s been having the dream and having the dream over and over and over, maybe once or twice a week,” Tammy Brinton said.

Dreams that have an eerie element of being real.

“She said I just don’t feel like I’m going to live very long,” said Tammy Brinton. “She said the dream is very real.”

At just 27, Dr. Lacy Brinton accomplished so much. A traveling Pharmacist who loved to explore the world.

A graduate of Wingate University, Dr. Brinton’s passion paved a path to her career.

“She had a good heart,” said Tammy Brinton. “She always tried to do her best. She just wanted to help people that’s one of the reasons she got her Pharmacist license.”

Tammy says her daughter’s passion was to help people who needed it most. She had a soft spot for the elderly and enjoyed working with them at Walgreens in Owensboro, traveling to and from Bowling Green where she lived.

Being short-staffed is a problem for many businesses and no different for a Pharmacy.

On Feb. 21, 2013, Walgreens needed hold. Something Dr. Brinton had to answer to, simply in her DNA. On a scheduled day off, Dr. Brinton left for work, never to return home.

Around 5:20 that night, Dr. Brinton left Owensboro after being let off about 40 minutes early. Dr. Brinton was heading southbound on the Natcher Parkway when a spill on the road gave reality to the Pharmacist’s premonitions.

“In some places the soybean meal was six inches deep and it stretched for several hundred yards,” said Corporal Tyler Free, Davies County Sheriff’s office.

Dr. Brinton lost control of her car, crossed the median and was killed when a northbound vehicle hit her. Corporal Tyler Free has worked Dr. Brinton’s case since the night of the crash.

For six years he’s tried to track down who or what company is responsible for the spill. The investigation started at a likely source in town.

On Feb. 21, 23 trucks bought soybean meal from Owensboro Grain that day. At least 18 of the trucks were cleared through weights and measures.

“The remaining trucks that we did not have ending weights for went to private farms and those farms, based on their location, would not have been traveling down the Natcher Parkway,” said Free.

The spill went on for miles, ending around a truck stop in Ohio County. Investigators looked at security cameras there but found nothing.

“We’ve looked at other venues where soybean mill may have been bought outside of Kentucky,” said Free. “We’ve looked at numerous places but unfortunately, none have lead us to the truck.”

Corporal Free says, someone has the answers and as for Dr. Brinton’s family, that’s all they want.

“You have to think about Ms. Brinton’s family and think of the pain they’ve been through for the past six years and help us bring the closure to them,” said Free.

The Brinton’s hired their own attorney to investigate the case. The lawyer believes they were able to narrow down who is responsible to three possible farmers in Daviess County but no real answers have been uncovered.

The family has a $50,000 reward for information surrounding their daughter’s death. Anyone with information can contact Cpl Fre at the sheriff’s office or remain anonymous through Crime Stoppers.



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