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Family of Murder Victim Offers Reward for an Arrest and Conviction

The family of a local woman killed at a gas station in Evansville is demanding justice. 20-year-old Mariah Strother was killed last month in a random shooting.

The details surrounding her death remain a mystery. The shooting also taking the live of 20-year-old Keijuan Baker who was also an innocent bystander.

Evansville Police say it could be a random act of violence.

“We went to get cigarettes and somebody got to shooting and we didn’t see it coming” says Takeia Baker who was with Strother the night she was killed.

Baker walked out of the Conoco gas station with Mariah Strother the night of May 30th.

“I didn’t even know she got shot, I ran, and hid behind this trash can” Baker adds.

Baker says she saw Strother get shot, the woman says her first notion was to hug and help her freind who was laying near the front doors of the gas station.

“Its just sad that I had to burry my 20-year-old daughter over a senseless crime” says Kareem Strother, Mariah’s father.

Witnesses told detectives that two men starting shooting near the ally next to the gas station, in the area of Riverside Drive and South Kentucky Street.

The stare bullet that suddenly ended Strothers life, also killed a 20-year-old man, sending a third person to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries.

The victims father speaking out about recent murders in the area, “the murder rate is much more high, than it should be right about now, but getting these suspects off the streets will bring closure to my family”.

Seven out of the last Nine murders in Evansville remain unsolved.

The Strother family is offering a reward that leads to an arrest for whoever is responsible for killing their daughter!

“My family has got a $10,000 cash reward, I don’t care if you remain anonymous, you can get the money from the police, we have money in hand that leads to an arrest and conviction” says Kareen Strother.

EPD officers on scene say there were a number of people in the area the night of the shooting who could have seen something.

“It’s been two weeks since the double homicide at the Conoco service station, we are asking the public to come forward, and give us some information, if they have any they can remain anonymous or call the we tip line” Says Evansville Police Spokesperson Sgt. Nick Winsett.

Homicide Detectives don’t think anyone was targeted, adding it could be a random act of violence

“My message to the shooter is, you can run you can hide but you will get caught” says the victims father.



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