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Family Matters: Working Together To Accomplish Goals

Christa Kramer with the YMCA joined 44News Morning Anchor Melissa Schroeder to go “Inside the Community” for Family Matters Tuesday.

The two focused on New Years Resolutions. Christa said it’s a great time for reflection and discussing that as a family. We all want to better ourselves, and children can learn a lot about self-discipline and the value of making goals through setting a resolution. Families can discuss what went well in the last year and what they’d like to change or improve.

Some ideas for resolutions are to volunteer as a family. Make a list of various ways you want to help others this year, and then create a plan to make them happen.

Exercise together is another good idea. Find ways to engage in activities together like taking a walk together after school and discussing what happened that day or taking a yoga class together to de-stress and reflect on things.

One more option is to put down the devices. You can resolve to do away with devices at dinnertime. In other words, connect to one another by disconnecting to others.

Christa also talked about ways families can be more successful in meeting their resolutions. First, make it a family activity. Make the resolution discussion a family tradition and include everyone in the family. Talk about what worked this year and what didn’t. Each family member should have a turn sharing something they are proud of and something they want to improve. Try to limit the number of resolutions so they are more achievable and meaningful.

Number two, create a different resolution for different ages. If your child is in preschool, focus on goals like cleaning up toys, washing their hands and being kind to pets. If your kids are older, perhaps changes to their diet or cleaning their room regularly would be appropriate. As kids get older, they can be more active in identifying goals and resolutions, which will mean more to them when achieved.

Third, serve as a role model. Your kids are always watching so it’s important to show your own commitment to change so they have something to model. It’s a great opportunity to promote good mental and physical health.



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