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Family Matters: Childhood Obesity Awareness Month

Since schools are back in session and families are getting used to new routines, Lindsay Benedyk from the YMCA joined us in studio to discuss how families can balance work and play time together.

Benedyk explained that being informed on obesity is important because according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), childhood obesity has more than tripled in children and adolescents. This can lead to diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and some cancers over time if it’s not addressed.

Kids should have at least 60 minutes a day of unstructured play and exercise. The YMCA offers many ways for kids to play and move, such as exercise classes for kids like Born to Move, or Kids Zumba that focus on kids moving together through fun things like dance.

At the YMCA, parents can put their kids in our ChildWatch area, Activity Centers, or kids exercise classes while they do their own workouts and work on their own wellness. Or there are plenty of activities that families can do together like playing on our playground, walking on our tracks, or playing basketball in our gyms.

Visit YMCA’s website for more information on what activities are available.



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