Family Finds Bullet Holes in House

An Owensboro family is reeling after their home was shot up overnight.

One of the family members 44News spoke to off-camera says, the bullets punched right through the wall while his wife was still inside.

“We were terrified. Just plain and simple terrified. We live one street over and and if the bullets hadn’t hit the home, they might have zoomed past the home and hit one of us,” said neighbor Tonia Berry.

A white picket fence surrounds the garden of an otherwise typical Owensboro home, but it’s what’s now inside the gate and just outside of it that has those living there–and the neighbors–worried.

“We heard about five or six shots. It was very obvious it was gunshots. We didn’t mistake it for fireworks or anything like that,” recalled neighbor Eric Houtchen.

Owensboro police are on the hunt for who was firing a gun around 8 o’clock Wednesday night.

“We ultimately determined that it occurred in the 2000 block of Westview Drive. We located a residence that had been struck by two bullets,” explained Officer Andrew Boggess with Owensboro Police.

The round of shooting put deep holes through the siding of the home.

Members of the Gaddis family inside we spoke to didn’t want to appear on camera in an interview, but they showed us where the bullets entered.

They shared that the shots broke through the outer wall, shattering a clock and punching through a night stand right inside the bedroom, and sending their neighbors ducking and covering.

“My daughter was very frightened,” Berry continued. “She instructed me to get away from the door. My son, he has an upstairs bedroom, so I just instructed him to get away from the windows.”

Leaving police still searching for who might have done it, and why.

“This is a great neighborhood. I’ve lived hear for 20 years, but no, I don’t feel safe. I don’t feel safe at all anymore.” Berry worried.

Anyone with information on this case is asked to reach out to Owensboro police.



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