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Fall Festival Must Haves

Every year I see long lines for Brain Sandwiches and Elephant Ears at the West Side Nut Club’s Fall Festival… but if you’re like me — you don’t want to eat the same thing every October — this week is perfect for a food-venture!

We’re heading inside the Fall Festival for your fried food — or not — Fall Festival must haves.

We’re tracking down some of the best treats at the Fall Festival…and we’re not taking any chances…we’re going for dessert first!

Why not?

Nothing is more midwestern than Grippos…what happens when Booth 134 adds them to a brownie volcano?

Savory-sweet-spicy goodness!

Again, not a huge fan of the “sweet and savory”, but listen — I couldn’t even taste these Grippos!

They kind of reminded me of a Fruity Pebbles texture.

It wasn’t until the second bite…when I couldn’t taste the heat on my tongue, but I could feel it in my throat…it was kind of like the Mexican Secret Cake that they make with chipotle pepper…like a little bit of spice in the back of the throat that perfectly complimented the sweet, smooth, cold ice cream and the chocolate.


Who knew?

And this booth belongs to a very civic minded group…

We are a not for profit organization. We support all different kinds of non for profits. Our ‘biggie’ though, is Evansville ARC because of all the wonderful, wonderful work that they do.

What’s in a name…Shakespeare asked.

Well, for me, sometimes that’s what gets my attention, and Eagle’s View Church’s booth number 8 on the munchie map is advertising a Dirty Horseshoe Sandwich!

What is that?

What it actually is, is an open-faced hamburger, and on top of that are french fries, and then you put cheese on top of that.
Then, to make it ‘dirty’, we put Stuffed Pepper Soup — which is like a chili — but just a little bit different.

This is their stuffed pepper soup, I’ve never heard of that but it looks and smells delicious, and she wasn’t lying — it does look like chili and taste like chili, except for with a really nice roasted red pepper kick.


Perfect Fall Festival fare!

If you don’t get the sandwich, go for the soup.

It’s not Fall Festival if you don’t try something fried, right?

It’s kind of a rule…and I’d hate for you to get in trouble.

Booth 86 — Chandler UMC — is serving up Ruben Rolls…

This is exactly what I was hoping it was — it’s like a deep-fried Rueben sandwich with the dressing on the side!

Hand down, probably one of the most amazing things I’ve ever had at Fall Festival…seriously.

Once again, it’s all in the name…I’ve heard of the cocktail named the Devil’s Tongue…

So when that showed up on the munchie map at Salem UMC’s booth 55, I had to find out what it was.

A spicy hickory smoked brisket slider on a Hawaiian roll with hickory smoked brisket, pepper jack cheese and our own homemade jalapeño chutney…it’s amazing!

Spicy, but oh so good!

I’m going to have another bite.

Cynthiana Heights PTA booth 76 has

Something different!

Yeah, yeah, Donut Bank sliders, not everybody has those donut burgers, but these guys are different because they have sausage and bacon!

Now that is a salty-sweet surprise.

Really, really good!

It’s like the best things about breakfast, on a bun…so you can walk around with it and eat it.


Grab your munchie map and mark down these locations so you can have a Fall Festival food-venture of your own!

And if you know of something we should try, let me know about it.

See more of our amazing area on Evansville’s YouTube Channel, The Best Day Ever Evansville.

And check out what’s happening on the city calendar before you head out for some fun!



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