Fall Festival Half Pot Inches Towards $1(M)

The West Side Nut Club Fall Festival half pot is inching closer to that one-million-dollar mark. Not only is the half pot racking up a massive cash prize, but it’s also helping the community.

This is the first year the West Side Nut Club has implemented the Fall Festival half pot. Nut Club officials say this took a lot of preparation.

“The club has been working on this project for nearly three years. Preparing and talking about it, thinking about what we are going to do, how we were going to do it,” says Heath Rupp, chairman of the 50/50 half pot raffle.

Thanks to the help of Nut Club members and volunteers in the community, this vision has become a reality. This club is already seeing a huge payoff.

“I think it definitely has the potential to get to a million,” says Rupp.

Half of the money collected will be going to one lucky winner and the other half will be going to charity.

“We usually spread it out to the local high schools and grade schools and non for profits of all sorts,” says Rupp.

The West Side Nut Club isn’t the only group seeing this big pay off, they tell 44News the booths and rides have seen a 20-30% increase in sales.

Nate Denning from the Evansville Rescue Mission says he’s been participating in the fall festival for 3 years and says he’s never seen Franklin Street as crowded as it been this year, thanks to the 50/50 half pot raffle.

“I would say it’s definitely contributed to more sales just because we have more people with more foot traffic,” says Denning. “People excited about possibly winning the half pot. So it’s definitely increased excitement and just giving us an opportunity to be able to sell to more people.”

Officials say the crowd is not predicted to die down between now and Saturday.

“This is bringing people from all kinds of surrounding counties who have never come to the fall festival,” says Denning.

Anyone planning to buy a ticket better act fast because the cut off will be exactly at two Saturday afternoon.

The Fall Festival half pot drawing will happen right after the parade on Saturday.

The lucky winner will need their ticket and a photo I.D. to claim their prize.

The winning ticket will be announced live on stage at the Fall Festival. If you aren’t able to be there, you can find the winning numbers here and here.



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