All Eyes Are On The Skies At The Owensboro Air Show

All eyes were on the skies as special guests came out to the Owensboro Air Show.

For the first time in over 30 year, The Blue Angels, returned to Kentucky showing off their skills. The Blue Angels flight demonstration team is more than just a group of individuals; brought together to represent the United States Navy and Marine Corps. This team combines the best and brightest, at the top of their craft. Their camaraderie and chemistry assure the team mission is more than just a job, it’s a passion!

Their aerobatic demonstration was kicked-off by the world-famous Fat Albert demo showcasing the skills of the USMC crew in the C-130 that supports to the Blue Angels team throughout their season. Then the skies roared as the Blues fly six F/A-18 aircrafts, split into the Diamond Formation and the Lead and Opposing Solos showcase the capabilities of the famed Hornet aircraft and the incredible skills of the pilots who fly them.

Scooter Yoak and Jim Tobul brought their vintage warbirds to Kentucky to showcase two iconic legends of military aviation. Both aircraft were the pinnacle of military technology at the time, technology that helped win the war in the European and Pacific Theaters in World War Two, and went on to continue the defense of freedom in the Korean War.

Whether it was showing off vintage warbirds or aerobatic stunts, the day was filled with a good time. Laura Webster who attended the Owensboro Air Show said “Watch the air show, have fun with the kids, do fun stuff and just hang out. Watch all the cool things planes are doing, they are doing tricks, upside down, spins, free fall, and the championship.

Other guests at the Owensboro Air Show included Rob Holland, aerobatic pilot. Millions of people have marveled over Rob’s non-stop, action packed airshow routine. Flying the MX2 Aerobatic Aircraft, Rob pushes the envelope of the most advanced aerobatic aircraft in the airshow industry today. Joining the line-up for his second appearance at the Owensboro Air Show flying both solo and as part of The 4ce, Rob brings an incredible list of achievements including 4-time World Freestyle Champion and 7-time US Unlimited Aerobatic Champion, and 8-time US Freestyle Champion.

If you missed any of the festivities, the Owensboro Air Show isn’t over yet, gates open again tomorrow at Eleven A.M. You can also purchase tickets for reserved seats for 10$ on the Owensboro Air Show website. You can also purchase tickets to other VIP areas at the Air Show. There is a link below.

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