Experts Warn of Severe Tick Season

Tick season is getting into full swing, and insect experts are saying this year will be especially bad.

Many tick types across the Tri-State can carry infections, including Lyme disease, which can cause lasting problems. But from the most common in the Tri-State–the lone star tick–research has shown that bites from these can cause Alpha gal syndrome, which makes you allergic to any meat that comes from a mammal.

There are also some common spots on the body where they like to hide.

Experts recommend you avoid tall grasses, use repellent with DEET, and check your whole body & pets.

As for why the ticks are on the rise this year? Bug experts are looking at an increase in temperature, longer summer seasons, or an increase in hosts traveling from place to place as more people come out into the environment.

If you do find a bloodsucker, grabbing the head with pointy tweezers and pulling straight out will help remove it more easily.



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