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Expect Hot Temperatures Thursday; Rain Chances Move Into the Tri-State This Weekend

Most Tri-State communities woke up to clear conditions Thursday, making for a chilly morning in most areas. Morning temperatures were cooler than what we experienced Wednesday morning by several degrees. Some of our rural areas dipped down into the upper 50s. Evansville saw a low of 61°. We quickly jumped through the morning, by 9 a.m. some temperatures around the area increased by nearly 10 degrees. We ended up with cooler lows due to the clear skies sticking around for the overnight into early morning hours. As we dive into our Thursday, we’ll be experiencing hot and sunny conditions. Highs will be topping out in the high 80s. Mostly clear skies are expected tonight with lows dipping down into the mid 60s.

Mostly dry conditions will be sticking around for the next 36 hours, but there are a few times during Friday that could produce the possibility of precipitation. Tomorrow morning, there is a slight chance of a stray shower north of I-64. It is likely we will stay dry for most of Friday, but as we head into the late afternoon hours the heat and humidity could fire up some isolated showers. Winds will be out of the south, which will help highs top out in the low 90s.

The biggest risk of showers and storms won’t be until Saturday, especially leaning towards the later half of the day. A frontal boundary will be moving slowly over central Indiana, but will gradually make its way down to the Tri-State Sunday night into early Monday morning. It is expected to produce showers and thunderstorms, specifically to our northern communities. While we may see rain from the front, the temperatures won’t be dipping much. Most of the weekend highs will be hanging around the upper 80s. Temperatures for the start of next week will highly be based on what the front decides to do. If the front makes its way down and moves through the Tri-State, temperatures could drop Monday into Tuesday, but if it stays to the north we will keep the seasonable trend.

Sahara Desert Dust Plume: A massive plume of dust from the Sahara desert in Africa is expected to make its presence in the Tri-State this weekend. It is unknown at this time how thick it will be, but it could present hazy yellow-brown skies, especially if it’s on the extreme side. However, if it’s mostly faint, it can contribute to stunning sunrises and sunsets, giving a reddish tint to the sun. The three biggest threats to take away from the dust storm is: low visibility, haziness, and bad air quality that can be dangerous to those with respiratory issues.



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