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#EvvPizzaWeek Has Begun!

Seven days of paying homage to all things ‘za, no matter how you slice it…sounds epic, right?

Here in Evansville, Pizza Week has begun!

Want to play along?

Here’s how you grab great pizza deals, get social and win cool prizes.

It is easy to order, it arrives fast.

And for busy moms who don’t have time to cook after a tiring day at work, dinner is just a phone call away…

Pizza can almost always meet your expectations, whether you opt for a classic or reinvented version.

Americans love pizza, and here in the mid-west, we’re no different.

Pizza is just so easy! Everybody eats it. There’s a pizza place within a mile of everybody.

To celebrate our love of the tavern, New York, and Chicago style slice, Evansville’s Pizza Week has kicked off — and will run through Saturday —

With pizza (of course), deals, ways to get social, and chances to win fun prizes!

Pizza Week is a way for the community to get out and celebrate pizza and, you know, the restaurants here in town, support local.
We’ve gathered some of the best places in Evansville and they’re all going to do a discounted pizza for $8.
You have to have a passport to get the deal.
You get the stickers, put them on your passport, 4 stickers gets you into Wing Fest this year; also if you collect the 4 stamps, you’re entered to win the Power Beats, we have 2 pairs that we’re giving away.

Carnivores and Vegetarians rejoice…each eatery will have something for you, starting at just eight dollars!

The pizzas that we’re making for Pizza Week are a Combination pizza, a combination between meat and vegetables.
You’ve got your fresh cut green peppers, fresh sausage, cheese, pepperoni, bacon bits, ham and mushrooms.
Then our Vegetarian pizza for the veggie lovers has ricotta cheese with a homemade garlic sauce, tomatoes, green peppers, fresh cut spinach…really, really good with garlic butter on top.
This pizza normally would cost anywhere from $17-$20 after and before tax, we’re doing it for $8 for Pizza Week.

Prime Time Pub and Grill in Newburgh is offering their Spicy Italian Flatbread (normally $12.99) or their Primavera Flatbread (normally $13.99) for only $8 each, all during Evansville Pizza Week!

This is our Chicken Bacon Ranch. We’ve got fresh chicken, banana pepper, onion, bacon, sliced mozzarella cheese on top with a ranch base on a crispy crust.
14 inches, it’s going to be only $8, normally it’s $14.80 for that pizza.

Grab your passport…your passion for pizza…and your love of eating local, and head out to party for the pie at Evansville’s Pizza Week.

Hungry now to celebrate the slice?

Evansville’s Pizza Week runs through Saturday at locations all over the city.

Bonus…it’s also National Pizza Week!

Grab a passport at participating locations (you can print one from home, but it’s not as pretty) — so you can grab one and join in the pizza fun!

Don’t forget, you’ll need 4 stamps to be entered to win that grand prize…have a cheesy time!

A special THANKS to Bliss on 6th for feeding our 44News This Morning team!

They’re #EvvPizza Week special is a 9 inch Unlimited pizza with a drink and ice cream for $8.

See more of our amazing area on Evansville’s YouTube Channel, The Best Day Ever Evansville.

And check out what’s happening on the city calendar before you head out for some fun!



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