EVSC’s New Program to Help Reduce Outstanding Lunch Balances for Families

An outstanding school lunch balance at one Tri-State school corporation is over $50,000. The community is now raising money to help lessen the back to school burden for some families.

Certain families in the Evansville Vanderburgh School Corporation may be eligible to receive assistance from a new program. EVSC is preparing for the start of the school year and they say thanks to community efforts a student response fund is going into its second year. The Student Response Fund can help families who may be struggling with an outstanding lunch balance.

“I was a free lunch kid for about five years of my life so I decided that the EVSC free lunch give back was a good reason to have that one,” say Clint H. the co-owner of High Score Saloon.

The EVSC has 23 thousand students. The 2019 school year ended with an outstanding lunch balance of $53,000.

“We saw on national media the different states if a kid is delinquent on lunch that they would give them a bag lunch, or a peanut butter jelly to get them through rather than a full lunch. We found out that EVSC actually gives you a full and true lunch,” says Clint.

“There is no such thing in any kind of EVSC as a cold lunch option, or sack lunch option no matter what a student owes they continue to get the same meal,” says EVSC Chief Communication Officer Jason Woebkenberg.

Several local businesses and generous donors are doing fund raisers or giving proceeds of their sales to raise money to reduce the debt.

“When they say we want this to go to a cafeteria account we will talk to them about the student response fund and tell them that is where we would like those donations to go now because it can be much more beneficial to students who are in need,” says Woebkenberg.

EVSC’s Student Response Fund can help families dealing with emergencies. Donations have been collected at several business and donated to EVSC’s Student Response Fund.

“It’s a relief that other people see it and recognize there is a need as well and they want to help,” says Clint.

For the 2019 school year EVSC is participating in an community eligibility provision.

“20 of our schools have met eligibility for this and for them that means they will have free lunch and breakfast for 100 percent of students in the buildings,” says Woebkenberg.

A plan will be made to help families at other EVSC schools.

“If that balance was not paid down enough and carries forward well continue working with them as this year starts,” Woebkenberg.

“There is nothing that prevents them from going forward, or being eligible for any type of program.”

free or reduced lunch is an option for EVSC students. Click here to apply through EVSC.



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