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Evie Sue Doing Her Part to Keep Evansville Beautiful

In an effort to keep our community clean, Evansville leaders have taken the reigns to pick up trash every month before, but those on two-feet can only do so much.

A famous four legged friend is behind the effort to help inspire a younger generation to keep Evansville beautiful.

Evie Sue, a stocky yellow Labrador, has captured the hearts of our community over the past 12 years. Retired teacher Susan Harp and her husband Steve are tasked with managing the popular pooch.

Her owner explains how Evie Sue’s community service career began.

“For the last decade she has been working a mascot for Keep Evansville Beautiful,” said Susan Harp, United Neighborhood. “We got her in 2007 and as soon as she hit the ground here in Evansville, she started working on behalf of our community.”

Evie’s name even has an underlying meaning, which is an acronym for, “Every Volunteer Is Essential.” But beyond the appearances and events, Evie’s cause was first based on a pair of children’s books written by Harp herself, with the first titled, ‘Retrieving With Evie.’ and and eventual follow up.

“Her second book is called Evie Goes Clean and Green, which talks more about recycling and sustainability,” said Harp.

Harp says, those books are part of a very important strategy.

“To change the community, you have to get the children to change their mindset, in order for the parents to go along,” Harp said. “The children are our future.”

Although she’s aggressive in her battle with litter, there are items Harp and her husband steer Evie away from.

We watch carefully,” Harp says. “When were out doing the litter clean ups with the mayor, the first Saturday of every month, We watch so she doesn’t pick up any needles or anything gross. I think one time she tried to pick up a diaper, and we were like, ‘not good not good.’”

Since her adoptions, the Labrador has visited over 125,000 kids and their families. And just as a citizen can be deputized, Evie was awarded her own badge by former Vanderburgh County Sheriff Eric Williams. It’s an honor that comes with privileges not every pooch is privy to allowing her to go anywhere within the county.

If you would like to reach out to Evie she has her own Facebook Page offering words of encouragement and PAW-sitive quips like PAW-some to online friends.

And once Evie’s time retrieving trash is complete, a trainee named Vandy Lee is ready to step up for this four legged Tri-State Treasure.

For a link to Evie Sue’s Facebook Page, CLICK HERE.



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