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Evansville’s Mayer to Compete in Junior Home Run Derby

Hitting home runs on Major League diamonds are what kids dream about in their backyards. This weekend, 44 kids from America and Canada were selected to compete in the junior home run derby, and one of them hails from right here in Evansville. Isaac Mayer will live out his dream as he swings for the fences in Cleveland, Andrew Garcia has more with the young slugger.

On Saturday, Evansville’s Isaac Mayer will compete in the junior home run derby in Cleveland.

“So I started off in Indianapolis, and I won by one home run against this other kid who hit the ball way further than me,” said Junior Home Run Competitor Isaac Mayer. “Then after that, I moved on to Kansas City, and after that, I won by one home run too. After winning that, I get to go to the one in Cleveland and it’s going to be pretty exciting.”

I think it will all kind of hit once we step foot in the stadium and watch the kids go take the field,” said Mayer’s father Jacob Mayer. I think that’s probably when the most excitement will happen.”

Mayer nearly had a chance to go 2 years ago, but an injury prevented that trip.

“When I was 12 I broke my hand playing on this exact same field. It sucked a lot because one of my other friends got to move on to the 14 year old division and he got to move on and do that in Miami but I broke my thumb, so I couldn’t do much I just got to watch.”

“I think it’s probably why he’s here. I think he had the drive after not being able to compete knowing that he had a good shot at it. That put a drive in him that he wanted to do this and continue to do it, and fate had it that he kept hitting a little bit more than the other competitors and so he gets to compete here this weekend.”

For Isaac, the trek to northeast Ohio is about more than just baseball.

“It’s going to be pretty fun. Like I said, I’ve never played on a Major League baseball diamond before, so it’s going to be pretty fun. I’m really excited to be meeting new players and making new friends. I get to see the Great Lakes, that will be neat. I’ve only seen them once before, I get to see Lake Erie this time, and mostly meeting new friends though. New friends that are good at baseball, that’s going to be pretty fun.”



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