Evansville Residents Collect Donations For Hurricane Survivors

Some families in Panama City are sleeping in cars and tents as they work to rebuild after the devastation. The families in need are the reason Roger and Debbie Burns have been hosting a collection at Little Gary’s Screen and Window Repair in Evansville. Debbie Burns says she has been in contact with many people in the Florida area, to see what they can do to help.

Since evenings are cooling off, people need warm clothes, coats, and shoes.

“It’s a heartache. You know, it’s hard to know that others are suffering and hurting, but it’s also been very good. I had created a post on one of the pages of what do you need? What do the children need? And one of the things that have really encouraged me is where others in that area are saying ‘Oh well I have shoes that size let’s meet up and I can give that to you’,” says Debbie.

Cash and gift cards are also welcome and will go directly to the families in need. Debbie and her husband will be heading to Panama City tomorrow, and it’s not too late to help with the cause.

If you would like to help, you can contact Debbie Burns at 812-760-9972.



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