Evansville Police Warn of Thefts From Cars

A series of thefts on the south side of Evansville are leaving people in the area on edge, but authorities are warning people to pay attention no matter where they live.

Personal items are being stolen from vehicles, but authorities say many of those vehicles have been left unlocked.

These thefts are costing people more than just the change from their cupholders.

At least three car owners told Evansville police the items they left inside disappeared over the weekend after they left their vehicles unlocked.

And one of those victims says, it cost her her job.

Renae Chrisman says that while she slept peacefully on her couch, outside her apartment her nightmare was beginning.

“I woke up at 6:15 in the morning to car doors shutting. Laughing and stuff clanging on the ground. Someone had broken in my car. I saw these two gentlemen run across the way, trying to get in,” she recalled.

Renae says she left her Corolla unlocked, and in just a few minutes, the thieves made off with:

“A couple hundred dollars in grooming equipment. They stole about $1,500-2000 in already cashed checks. So I had to notify my bank and my employer to let them know ‘Hey, I’ve already deposited these. Don’t cash them again.'”

She says they’ve not just stolen her things–but her livelihood:

“It ended up costing me my job, because I can’t groom dogs without my equipment.”

But Renae wasn’t the only target.

Thieves hit not only her apartment complex, but snuck up to the driveways of two homes.

They made off with tools and petty cash at one home off South Rotherwood avenue.

They also snatched a wallet and ID holder at another, and that holder contained an EVSC badge along with cash and keys.

In each case, the victim told police the cars were left unlocked.

Neighbors at Renae’s apartment complex were surprised that this happened right outside their doors.

“I was shocked about it,” said Bo Ballard. “We haven’t had any problems. My son and I out here. We just love this area.”

He adds he will be keeping a closer eye.

“I keep my doors locked. I keep my house doors locked. I keep my car doors locked. You just never know. Safety is so important these days.”

Evansville officers are asking those who may have seen anything suspicious over the weekend to call police.



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