Evansville Police Release Footage in Man’s Death

Evansville police are speaking out after a physical fight with officers leaves one man dead.

Officers say Edward Snukis resisted arrest, and that tasers didn’t affect him.

Police released body camera footage of what happened leading up to Snukis’ death, but why he was even in Evansville remains a mystery.

On Friday evening, officers arrived at a dealership on 4300 Division Street after workers there called with reports that the Pennsylvania man wasn’t where he was supposed to be.

Body camera footage shows that when they arrived, Snukis resisted their attempts to place him into custody.

They say he then punched one of the officers on the nose before officers used a Taser on him–which he was able to break free from–before leading them on a chase.

That’s when the man tripped and fell on gravel.

He was finally stopped at 201 N. Congress Avenue. But even when stopped for that second time, he continued to fight against police who eventually cuffed him.

Officers noticed the man was unresponsive after being turned over to his side. Police said the man was still breathing and had a pulse.

But before an ambulance arrived, EPD says the man stopped breathing.

Snukis reportedly died shortly after arriving at the hospital, but his family says by phone they don’t know what he was even doing in town.

“The whole thing is, I-I don’t know why he was out in Indiana. Me and my wife are very–you know what I mean–we’re heartbroken over it. Cause this isn’t right. And I-I just want answers,” his son Ed said by phone.

While the cause of death remains under investigation, and a toxicology report is pending, a Reuters investigation into taser-related deaths across the country found 49 people lost their lives in 2018 during fights with police.

The officers involved are expected to return to their normal duties after leave.



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