Evansville Mother Arrested on Child Neglect Charges

An Evansville mother has been arrested on child neglect charges after answering the door drunk and nearly naked.

Jamie Gerling, 43, was arrested when Evansville Police were called to do a welfare check Friday at Woodview Court Apartment.

The father of Gerling’s six-year-old requested the check, saying he hadn’t been able to reach Gerling since July 4.

After 15 minutes of knocking, the little girl opened the door. Evansville Police had the girl go get her mother, who showed up at the door wearing nothing but a towel around her neck.

Authorities say Gerling was struggling to stand up, slurring her words, and the apartment was strewn with old food containers. Police say Gerling’s blood alcohol content was .243, over three times the legal limit.

The little girl has since been taken into custody by the Department of Child Protective Services.

Gerling was taken to the Vanderburgh County Jail on child neglect charges.



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