Evansville Man Sentenced for Violent Stabbing at Gas Station

An Evansville man found guilty but mentally ill for a violent stabbing has received his sentencing. Andrew Buttrum, 37, was sentenced to 45 years in prison for the attempted murder of an Evansville man inside a gas station in 2018.

Police say Buttrum stalked the 56-year-old victim for several minutes before violently plunging a large butcher knife directly into his neck. The man was stabbed in the hand while trying to defend himself and then stabbed in the neck after falling onto the ground.

Buttrum escaped to his home on Eichel Avenue, hid his bloody shirt in the backyard, changed his clothing and left in a vehicle before police arrived. He was arrested outside his home without incident.

Buttrum admitted to the habitual offender enhancement for having three major unrelated felony convictions.

“It’s a miracle that the victim survived in this case,” explained Vanderburgh County Prosecutor Nick Hermann. “He fought for his life that day, and our office fought for justice in this case. The community should feel safer knowing Mr. Buttrum is behind bars.”

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