Evansville Mailman Honored for 50 Years on the Job

The average American worker stays with the same employer for about four and a half years – but one Evansville man is celebrating five decades at the same job.

That man is Larry Herron, who on Thursday was honored for his years of dedicated work. He says he’s fortunate to have stayed healthy and safe for the last 50 years.

After serving in the United States Navy over 50-years ago, Herron became a federal employee in Florida.

“Well we’ll be married 40 years on August 1, and I couldn’t be more proud of him – as a man, as a father, as a grandfather, and as a letter carrier,” Sally Herron, Larry’s wife said.

In 1983, Herron and his wife moved to Evansville where he began his work as a letter carrier.

The 72-year-old man has been on the same mail route for the last 20 years.

His favorite part about his job is seeing all of the young children grow up right before his eyes.

“One day at Christmas time, this little boy and his dad came out to get the mail, and I gave the little boy his package, and his dad said what do you say, and the little boy said thank you Santa,” Herron explained while laughing.

As Herron reminisces on the good old days, times have clearly changed since then.

Herron remembers delivering mail, and hearing the news of one of the most devastating cyclones in world history, killing 500,000 people in Bangladesh.

On a lighter note, in the 1970s, you could buy a house for about $23,000 – while a copy of Sports Illustrated was only 15 cents.

The average monthly rent payment? $140.

When Herron started his first route, his postal truck could be fueled up for 36 cents a gallon.

Today, the mailman says he’s touched over 2,000,000 letters.

With his wife Sally, twin daughters and three grandchildren by his side, Larry says you just have to keep on keeping on day by day!

“Eventually I’ll retire, I won’t do this for another 50 years, that’s for sure haha,” Herron said.

Herron could have retired over 17 years ago, but right now he says he plans to continue delivering mail with plans of retiring one day to travel and spend time with his wife.



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