Evansville Homeowners Fed Up With Flooding

The rain in Evansville is making a strong impact this week, especially for homeowners still dealing with flooding from over the weekend.

One neighborhood on the westside of Evansville constantly gets hit hard, and while married couple Steve Lynch and Madeline Southard know what they signed up for — living in a flash flood zone — it’s still been a scary very days.

“Every time it rains, we’re in a panic,” Southard said. “We’re up at night if it’s raining — we have to move all of our furniture to another level of the house.”

And flooding has already taken its toll on their property this year.

“This is 2020 — it’s the last part of June — and we’ve already flooded five times out here,” Lynch said.

And they aren’t the only ones in the neighborhood having to deal with the aftermath of flooding and the struggles that come with cleaning it up.

“My neighbors are 70, 70 plus years-old and when it floods, they’re out here with brooms and shovels,” Lynch said. “And they’re shoveling two to three inches of muck in their driveway.”

The couple blames urban development and lack of response from county officials for the reason why the flooding continues to get worse.

“The county or whoever [should] come out and help us out with this problem and clean up these ditches out, is really what needs to happen,” Southard said.

We’ve reached out to officials about the conditions in this neighborhood and their responsibilities when it comes to helping residents living in flash flood areas and we’ve gotten no response as of now.



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