Evansville Community Leave their Mark on YMCA Beam

There’s a new way to leave your mark on a piece of Evansville history.

A beam that is being built into the downtown YMCA building that can be signed. Officials are inviting people to sign their names and leave messages.

Ymca staff members say they are already blown away by how many people already signed the beam.

YMCA Downtown Branch Director Crystal Paroyan says, “We’ve had an overwhelming response. We’ve had volunteers and board members and then members who have been little kids who come in and their parents want them to sign and members who have been members for years so there’s been a lot of good response and there’s actually a lot of really nice, sweet messages on that to the YMCA and just about carrying things into the future for the Y.”

The beam is across the street from the YMCA’s construction site at the corner of Court and 6th Street.

Anyone who wants to sign has until December 6th.



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