Evansville Business Owner Designs Contact-Free Keychain

Across the Tri-State people are contributing to helping others stay healthy and safe.

For one local company, while times have been tough, they are getting creative with business.

“For the next couple of days all I’m going to be doing is making all of these,” says Clint Vaught, River City Coffee + Goods owner.

It’s an idea that can fit right in your pocket.

“I was like okay well I can probably make one I have the equipment to do it,” says Vaught. “So I decided to make one for fun just to proof it out.”

Just last week, Vaught started making the key chains and selling them in his shop.

“I think we sold like 20 the first weekend,” says Vaught. “I think I got 10 or 15 online orders as well.”

He says the idea was inspired by similar devices designed to help people avoid touching surfaces, especially now more than ever.

“I think about how many other people have touched that computer screen, or the gas station pump, or whatever just on a regular day-to-day basis and how often people clean them,” says Vaught.

The contact-free key chains take about ten minutes to make.

Vaught says he has some prior experience with metal work and buys the raw material to make them locally.

“I try to make them so that you can open doors with it, but the material is so that you can also manipulate your phone screen, iPad, small business credit card machines, gas station pumps,” says Vaught.

Each device cost $18, but Vaught hopes they can bring a sense of peace to people just to feel a bit safer when going out.

“It’s definitely a peace of mind and there are so many opinions on it,” says Vaught. “But if its something that you think you will use and it makes you feel better, then pick up something like that and do it.”

If you’re interested in buying a key ring you can either visit River City Coffee + Goods during their hours or buy one online here.



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