EPD Welcomes New K-9 Dog

The Evansville Police Department’s newest officer makes his official debut. He’s a German Shepherd named Doc. The department says a generous donation to the EPD Foundation from Sonitrol Alarms allowed them to add another dog to the force. Sam Standring is the grandson of Sonitrol founder Dr. William Standring. Last year his grandfather died and he had the opportunity to make a significant donation to the police foundation. Standring says his grandad was a comedian and would get a laugh that “Doc” is named after him, “This is our way of honoring my grandfather and carrying on the tradition of helping catch the bad guys.”

On Wednesday, Sonitrol presented a check to EPD Foundation in the amount of $8,700. Those funds were put toward the purchase of Doc. The new k-9 is assigned to EPD Sergeant John Montgomery. Montgomery says at home Doc is just like a family member but when the uniform goes on he’s ready to work. Additional money from the EPD Foundation was used to purchase Doc a bullet proof vest.

Doc’s trainer says k-9’s are extremely important to police work, making departments more efficient and helping keep officers safe, “We looked at 20+ dogs before we selected Doc. When we picked him we knew he was going to be a special dog so we’re pretty selective in the ones we want to pick to work for us,” said Sergeant Brent Hoover.

Montgomery & Doc have been working together since April. Just last week Doc made his first apprehension on the job.



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