EPD Warns of Ransom Scams Circulating in Tri-State Area

The Evansville Police Department is warning residents about phone scams that are circulating in the area.

According to a press release, the scams are called “ransom scams” where the caller impersonates a person or agency. These callers will tell you that you have to pay money to avoid being arrested for a warrant that was put on you for some sort of violation.

Payments are often demanded in the form of providing activation numbers off prepaid gift cards.  EPD says, in recent developments, scammers will direct victims to drive to the sheriff’s department (or police department), and wait outside for them to come out and collect the payment.

Victims wait, and they eventually callback and claim to be busy and ask you to give the card information to them over the phone.

According to the press release, scammers often do enough research and use names of actual officers and use a spoof caller ID that displays the actual phone number of a law enforcement agency.




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