EPD Officer Injured During Investigation at Fairlawn Elementary School

An Evansville Police Officer is injured and a man is behind bars, after an investigation early Wednesday morning at Fairlawn Elementary School.

Staff members at the school say Logan Stidham showed up, claiming he had a child in the school’s daycare.

Staff didn’t recognize him, and say he was pacing around the front doors, so they called police.

When the responding officer arrived and started questioning Stidham, he says he refused to cooperate or identify himself.

The officer says he tried handcuffing Stidham, but he broke free, so the officer deployed his taser. But he says Stidham managed to grab the taser away from him, and discharged the weapon against the officer’s face.

The officer suffered facial injuries and was treated at a local hospital.

Stidham is behind bars in Vanderburgh County and facing charges of battery with a deadly weapon, resisting arrest, trespassing and theft.



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