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The Rolling Stones are heading back on the road.

The iconic band announced they’ll kick off their rescheduled performances in Chicago next month.

The “No Filter” tour was postponed after Mick Jagger’s reported heart procedure.

Music legend Elton John walked the red carpet at Cannes for the premiere of a biopic about his life..

His tux spelled it out in sequins – “Rocket Man.”

The film follows John’s breakthrough…from his personal struggles to international stardom.

You can be the best-selling artist in America if you desire.

“Rocketman” hits U.S. theatres on May 31st.

And Gayle King gets the royal treatment – with a new special “Meghan and Harry Plus One.”

The CBS this morning co-host interviewed the couple’s close friends..as the Duke and Duchess settle in as a party of three.

So when you talk to her friends, her friends will tell you that too: That this is a couple that is navigating their first year of marriage in life, navigating the arrival, now the birth of their new baby. And they’re just very happy.

“Meghan and Harry Plus One” airs tonight on CBS.

And that’s your Eye on Entertainment.

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