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Elmo, Big Bird and The Muppets are leaving Sesame Street for a 10 city road trip this summer to mark the iconic children’s show’s 50th anniversary!

The tour kicks off June first in New York.

Fans can take advantage of photo opportunities, a massive maze, a stage show and other family friendly attractions.

Sesame Street’s 50th season premieres in November with a star studded primetime special.

House Guests and Castaways are “on their marks” as the first reality showdown kicks off the new season of “The Amazing Race.”

11 “fan favorite” teams from “Celebrity Big Brother,” “Survivor” and past seasons of “The Amazing Race” are competing for a million dollars as they run a 25 thousand-mile race around the world.

The amazing race leaves the starting gate tonight – right here on CBS.

Get ready for “Breakthrough” – the true story about a teenager who fell through the ice on a frozen lake but survived against all odds.

Chrissy Metz from “This is Us” plays the boy’s mother.

I think we all need inspiration, we all need a little hope or a lot of hope, especially now. You know, we’re all… we all want the same thing.

“Breakthrough” hits theaters today.

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