Employment Agencies Anticipating New Job Seekers

On July 31st, the $600 weekly benefit from the Cares Act will expire and no longer be available.

The stimulus basically is what it was, a stimulus to stimulate the economy so they wanted to put in an additional stipend in the unemployed, recipients and stimulate the economy,” said JOS Staffing Co-owner and recruiter Jim Jarboe.

Though that $600 benefit will soon be unavailable, JOS is already seeing more applications come in from people asking for help finding new jobs.

Many clients have called us lately and said we do need help. For instance, we’ve got a contract with a client that their trucks are coming in, left and right. They need unloaders, they need people to help stack brands that have come in that they need to fill the shelves with, we have executive positions, we have clerical, we have a lot of varieties of positions. But people need to come in and get their application filled out, said JOS Staffing Co-owner and recruiter Susan Jarboe.

“The stimulus has been very beneficial to the overall economy and getting people in that back to work kind of mindset but when that is taken away it’s really going to cause a lot of people to say I need a job now, because that 600 dollars was very lucrative coming in. So when that ends, we think there’s going to be a big influx of candidates that have come out and said it’s time for me to get back to work,” said Jim Jarboe.

JOS is just one job agency that can help folks find the job that best suits them.

“The best thing we can do is prep them for their interviews, help them with their resume, find their niche and getting with our clients and saying, we’ve got a person that is qualified for what you’re looking for. Would you like to interview them, and set them up, talk to them, make them feel comfortable. I think people have been without work for quite a while. It’s hard to get back into the work force, but we’ve got to get everyone back to work,” said Susan Jarboe.



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