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Ellis Park Media Day

A day after Ellis Park was bought for $11 million, new owners pledged over $100 million in new upgrades. Today the park hosted their annual media day, and our Andrew Garcia took it in.

Owners, jockies, as well as trainers are anticipating the upcoming season.

“All our hard work is now going to show up here and I’m excited to ride here,” said jockey Chauntel Sutherland. “I think the track is really nice and I love how big it is. I kind of like that more chill vibe here.”

“It’s really exciting to be coming back here to Ellis Park the way the purses are going to be and a lot of new trainers are coming here bringing new horses,” said jockey Corey Lanerie. “So it’s exciting to come and find a good two year old which will be three years old next year for the derby and we all know they can come out of here like this year as you’ve seen it, so it’s exciting, the vibe is good around here, they’ve done a lot of work to Ellis Park and it’s looking good around here and we’re excited to come.”

With more renovations to Ellis Park, there is the hope that even more fans will pack the track.

“I think it’s going to be great for the track to draw the people in here and they’re going to get more machines,” said Lanerie. “People are going to come and have a good time and it’s going to increase the purses. When the purses increase, the horses get better and everything seems to get better. I think it’ll bring a lot more people out to the track so I think it’ll be great for Ellis Park.

It’s very, very invigorating to pull in and see the renovations going on, knowing that this place is getting some attention,” said Madisonville horse owner Chester Thomas. “It’s a breath of fresh air and it’s very exciting. They put in new air conditioners, just couldn’t be happier, the structure is going to be good, there will be competitive racing, it’s going to be a nice thing.”



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