EF-1 Tornado Sweeps Roof Off Moors Marina and Resort in Kentucky

Two docks at Moors Marina and Resort are destroyed from the EF-1 tornado that the National Weather Service says swept through this area with heavy winds.

“Yesterday was a little scary and we’ll be a lot better about going out today,” says mother of three Kate Raderman.

While monitoring the weather, the Raderman family is getting back on their boat, and onto the water the day after a tornado hit Moors Marina and Resort. The family was in the middle of the Kentucky Lake when the storm swept in.

“Our bimini flew back so we were spun around, but we still thought we were heading back into the marina. But we were actually heading to the land between the lakes which was a blessing in disguise,” says Raderman.

Three children were on the boat at the time.

“It was really frightening, so we were hunkered down in the woods and we were safe,” says Raderman.

“We actually put the lily pad on top of us so we wouldn’t be seeing anything.”

After waiting out the storm, “We pulled into an empty slip on a dock and the slip is no longer there,” says Raderman.

The damage was clear.

Raderman says, “We waited there maybe a half and hour until it stopped raining and then when we were coming back in we realized the slip was destroyed. We were doubly blessed yesterday.”

Moors Marina and Resort owner Kathy Wood says, “We are lucky. No one was hurt. Even all the dogs were safe.”

Docks A and B aren’t usable. People are removing their boats from the dock if their boat hasn’t already sank.

“Very strange, because it didn’t affect C dock, or D dock, just one little area,” says Wood.

This isn’t the first time many folks have dealt with a tornado.

“We have actually been through a tornado before in 2005 that was worse than this one so we are kind of experienced and know what we need to do,” says Wood.

“Our boat was the only boat standing at that time so we have experienced a tornado in the area,” says Raderman.

The damage isn’t stopping folks from doing what they can to make the best of a severe weather event a few days into Summer.

“Thursday they will start with the debris removal, and then we will rebuild,” says Wood.

Moors Marina and Resort is under repair, but is still open to the public.



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