Education Essentials: Caze Elementary School

44News teams up with Crane Credit Union to make sure students get all the education essentials.

Before kids get out of school for the summer, 44News Morning Anchor Shelby Coates stopped at Caze Elementary School in Evansville to surprise first graders in Mr. Jeremy Buente’s class.

Mr. Buente explained by the end of the school year, his students are really in need of new headphones to use tables for test taking.

“At the end of the year we have four glue sticks we’re sharing with 23 kids,” said Buente. “So they all take turns sharing. As the school year ends, we used a lot of our supplies. We had new kids come in. So having these supplies will really help these kids keep learning even until the last day.”

Mr. Jeremy Buente expressed he has never seen students this excited ever.



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