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Easy Ways to Celebrate Pi Day and Integrate STEM Learning

Pi Day is tomorrow, so the YMCA of SWIN wants families to know that they can easily integrate STEM learning into everyday life.

Never heard of Pi Day?

It’s a celebration of the number referred to as “Pi”.

Fun Pi Facts:
The number Pi is represented as 3.14159265, and is represented by a Greek letter.
Pi shows up in many formulas in Math and Physics.
Pi is believed to contain the number 0-9 in every conceivable combination.

And the YMCA of SWIN says that there are 3 easy ways that families can integrate stem learning into everyday life…

Reading is an easy but important way to integrate STEM. STEM is about connecting content with the context of the world so reading books can open the door to new diverse places, ideas, careers, and perspectives.
2.Another way to integrate STEM is to build things. STEM doesn’t have to be complicated or require expensive materials. Just build machines, buildings, bridges, etc with whatever materials you have at home like sticks, paperclips, tape, marshmallows, noodles, etc. This helps develop creativity, critical thinking, and determination.
3.Get cooking. Cooking provides families the opportunity to discuss not only nutrition but biology from things like health to the impact that food has on the environment. Plus cooking involves things like measuring and mathematics and the science of baking and reaction of temperature.

The Y has the new STEME lab at the Ascension St. Vincent YMCA with robotics programs and various STEM activities, and they integrate stem learning into all of their summer day camps!

You can learn about all the educational opportunities at the Y by visiting their website.



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