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Early AM February 29, 2012 Outbreak

6 tornadoes were confirmed by NWS by an outbreak of severe weather during the morning hours of February 29, 2012.

A squall line with LEWPs & embedded supercells in a highly-sheared environment with strong low-level jet of up to 70 mph from the south caused the outbreak.

The worst tornado, the EF4, with winds to 180 mph tracked 26.5 miles across Saline & Gallatin counties hitting Harrisburg & Ridgeway.  Major damage occurred in parts of Harrisburg where 8 people were killed & 110 injured.  The same storm that produced this tornado dumped quarter to golfball hail in Posey County.  It was also this same persistent supercell in the line that produced two EF2s around Cape Girardeau County, Missouri & SE Jackson County, Illinois, EF2 in southern Williamson County, Illinois with a series of significant downbursts over 8 miles in a 0.5-mile wide path with winds of up to 100 mph.

EF0-EF2 tornadoes occurred in Hopkins, Henderson, Muhlenberg & Warrick counties with damage as well.  A total of 3 people were injured from these.

The Henderson County storm, which produced an EF1, also produced an EF1 tornado at Newburgh & a funnel cloud at Chrisney.

Storm with winds to 60 mph & the EF0 in northern Hopkins County dumped quarter to golfball hail on northern Muhlenberg & western Ohio counties.  It was this same storm in the line that




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