Duke Energy Seeks Approval of Rate Increases

The Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission hosted a hearing Wednesday morning on Duke Energy in Indianapolis.

Duke was seeking approval for its modified rates and charges.

Petition of Duke Energy Indiana, LLC, pursuant to Ind. Code §§ 8‐1‐2‐42.7 and 8‐1‐2‐61, for (1) authority to modify its rates and charges for electric utility service through a step-in of new rates and charges using a forecasted test period, (2) approval of new schedules of rates and charges, general rules and regulations, and riders, (3) approval of a federal mandate certificate under Ind. Code § 8-1-8.4-1,(4) approval of revised electric depreciation rates applicable to its electric plant in service,(5) approval of necessary and appropriate accounting deferral relief, and (6) approval of a revenue decoupling mechanism for certain customer classes.

A decision on the rate increase will take place during the summer.



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