Dubois County Covid-19 Cases Concentrated

Despite a huge jump in COVID-19 infections over the course of a week, Dubois County is moving forward with their Stage 3 reopening plans on Friday.

Last Thursday, Dubois County had 69 cases of coronavirus.

This Thursday, they’re battling 169 infections, with 37 of those testing positive having recovered, and two in the county having died from COVID-19.

But Dubois County Health says, many of the infections have come out of the Farbest Foods processing plant and from Dubois County Community Corrections, and they’ve sent health strike teams to both sites.

Socially distanced county officials shared tonight they feel like the wider county is still on track for reopening.

“The increase in numbers that we have has not given us a reason at this time to hold back. We feel like the virus is being contained by all the moves following the guidance from the state Department of Health,” explained Dr. Ted Waflart with the Dubois County Health Department.

Dubois County health officials say they’re actively keeping an eye on possible community spread, and are moving one of their Methodist testing clinics to Huntingburg to provide better hours.

Health leaders say although the majority of cases are localized, it’s still critically important to follow social distancing guidelines and wear a mask.



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