Drive Through Parade Held for Park Terrace Residents

In an effort to spread some good cheer, family members and friends of residents of the Park Terrace Village gathered to have a drive through parade.

“This is a wonderful program that we do for our residents. Right now they are isolated in the facility, they’re not allowed to go out so, once a month we send out an invitation to the families to come by, decorate their cars, make signs, just some fun stuff and they’ll actually drive by the facility, we have the residents sitting out front just waiting to see their families they honk and waive and that’s why we call it the wave parade, said Park Terrace Unit Manager Stevie Morris

Every parade has had a theme and for this one, residents got to chill out with squirt guns and snow cones.

“We just kind of pull them out of a hat and so whoever’s got the best theme that month that’s what we go with and we go all out with decorations and food and attire so we make it really fun. they absolutely love it, they smile from ear to ear, they hoot and holler and they just love seeing their families so it’s great. As long as we’re not able to allow family in for visitation, I think it’s a great summer thing to do anyway because it gives them more socialization than just 1 on 1, they’re able to be out with other residents and see their family. I mean, it’s summer time, everyone wants to be outside,” said Morris

Now these family members and friends will continue to have these parades in an effort to spread more positivity.



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