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Dozens Attend Public Hearing on Proposed Posey County Wind Farms

A number of people turned out in Posey County to talk about a proposed wind farm and how it would impact the area.

The Posey County Area Plan Commission held a public hearing on the proposed amendments to the zoning ordinance draft regulating wind turbines and solar panels.

Dozens of people lined the outside of the Posey County 4H Center hours before the meeting was set to begin. Security was tight with deputies lining the room and all bags were checked before entering.

“It has pinned family members against family members, neighbors against neighbors, you ask anybody you’re either adamantly for it or admittedly against it,” says Zach Helfert, community resident.

Starting remarks were from Project Developer RWE Renewables and PoCo Wind Safety Rights.

“We hope the whole community understands all the benefits I have spoke about to consider our ordinance provisions that allow wind farms to be built in Posey County and a wind farm that benefits us all.”

“In a world full of uncertainty and challenges our children, our friends, and our families deserve a safe place to live without the concern of property violations or any other negative impacts.”

Community residents were given three minutes to speak.

For months, many have pushed against the possible project voicing their concerns to safety, noise, and property value.

“I feel the proposed setbacks are not great enough especially non-participating land owners,” says Helfert.

Opposing opinions were made with those talking about job opportunities, a boost in economy, and farmer benefits.

The Area Plan Commission will be meeting Monday at 6:30 p.m. to discuss the finalization of the ordinance.



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