Downed Lines and Trees Causes Concern

A few Evansville community members are fearing the worst as downed trees and telephone lines remain in the streets along East Louisiana Street.

The community members 44News spoke with say debris has been in the streets for weeks, and nobody has offered to clean up the mess.

“It angers me it really does,” says Amber Waddell. “When we had a bad storm that came through with the high winds that this was down at that time.”

Waddell says since she has grandkids, the dangers that could be associated with the sagging cables are startling.

“There’s a lot of kids that still walk around and this is unsafe,” says Waddell.

She says with the road not being blocked off on both ends and with no working street lights nearby, it’s shocking to see the downed lines still laying on the road.

“With it not being lit up, if a car was to turn in here, and not pay attention they could have run right into that,” says Waddell.

44News reached out to Vectren to see why this issue hasn’t been resolved. They tell us they replaced one of those telephone poles and their work there is done since the downed lines are for cable and internet, not energy. Although people in the community are still wanting something to be done.

“I have talked to a couple of people that live around here and you know even they thought that it was ridiculous that it hadn’t been taken care of yet,” says Waddell. “Honestly, I think this is a situation where if this was a high-income area, that this would have been dealt with a lot sooner than now.”

Waddell says this a trend being seen here in the Promise Zone, especially when it comes to blighted homes.

“It just seems like things haven’t been taken care of like they used to be,” says Waddell.

Vectren wasn’t able to confirm which cable company is responsible for those downed lines. However, they tell 44News the downed lines should be cleaned up by the middle of next week.



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