Donald Westfall Jr. Missing For Over A Week

“He came to my grandma’s house on Sunday, wasn’t himself and she told him, you know, that he needed to go get help and he left and there hasn’t been a sign of him since,” says Alexis Westfall, Donald Westfall’s daughter. Donald Westfall Junior has been missing for over a week. His daughter says a missing persons report was filed on Wednesday, the day after Spencer County Sheriff’s office found his van on the side of county road 150 East, between 900 and 1,000 North in Chrisney, Indiana. “We think he’s in some kind of danger just because his bank account hasn’t been touched and then his van was on the side of the road in a ditch and the battery was stripped out.”

Alexis says her father has a history of drug abuse and suffers from a deteriorating genetic disorder. “He was clean for the last 6 to 8 months. He’s been doing great. He enrolled himself in a recovery place. He was choosing to stay there and then we don’t know if he relapsed over the weekend. We are really unsure right now. He does have Hunington’s pretty bad so we are kind of concerned for that.”

Donald’s family says they just want him back home. “I just want to know that my dad is safe. I just want him to call me. He’s not in trouble or anything. I just want to know that he’s okay so we can, you know, move on from this and get him some help if that’s what he needs,” says Alexis Westfall.



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