Dogs Recovering From Hoarding Situation

Dozens of dogs are recovering after being rescued from an Evansville home earlier this week after the owner died.

“Right at the beginning of the week, the week after the fall festival, we haven’t even had time to breathe and there’s a hoarding case,” says Amanda Coburn, Vanderburgh Humane Society Development Coordinator.

The Vanderburgh Humane Society took in 18 of the 43 dogs and area shelters are in the process of getting the dogs back to good health.

“All of whom were small breeds which is very unusual,” says Coburn. “A lot of the time you see bigger dogs in these kinds of situations.”

The dogs were taken to various shelters.

“The majority of them were in okay shape this was certainly not the worst conditions we’ve seen but definitely very dirty, very flea ridden and very scared,” says Coburn.

VHS officials say they see animal hoarding cases every few years.

“They tend to happen just from a lack of spay and neutering nd a lack of resources,” says Coburn.

As of now, the Humane Society has nearly 70 dogs, 25 rabbits, and more than 300 cats waiting to be adopted.

“Adoptions are just really needed across the board,” says Coburn.

With the quick intake of dogs also comes with a high price for the Humane Society.

“We have to buy all the supplies to take care of them,” says Coburn. “We do spay and neuter in house. So we will easily spend about 3 to 4 hundred dollars per dog with this case and were getting zero of any kind of surrender fee or donation fee for that from the start.”

Still in the process of caring for the rescued dogs, they hope the animals will eventually find a forever home.

“There’s a phrase that goes around a lot in animal welfare to obviously adopt, but if you cant adopt foster because fostering is free.”

The dogs are still in the process of being cleaned and vaccinated.

They are expected to be up for adoption within the next few weeks.

If you’re interested in adopting or fostering a pet, click here.



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