Daviess Co. Homeowner Shoots Armed Alleged Intruder


New details arise in a Daviess County shooting. According to Dispatch, a man was shot at a home in 7900 block of Highway 405.

44News is told the homeowner, Kenneth Collins called police around 8 a.m. Tuesday morning after his neighbor, Charlie Jean, had kicked in his garage door and gained entry into the house.

The sheriff’s office says Collins fired two rounds shooting Jean in the chest and the lower back. We’re told the intruder was armed with an AR-15.

Collins and Jean were next door neighbors and family friends.

“I knew the dad and they were both good friends. I’ve seen them out here talking to each other,” says neighbor, Jerry Boehmann. The alleged intruder recently moved in with his father.

Right now, detectives still do not have a motive, but Collins told authorities Jean was not acting like himself when he broke in.

“He felt like Mr. Jean wasn’t his usual self, that he was either high on some kind of drugs, some kind of narcotics or extremely drunk,” says Major Bill Thompson with the Daviess County Sheriff’s office. Authorities are still waiting for the hospital to tell them if any mind altering substance was involved.

Jean was transported to the Owensboro Health where he underwent surgery to remove the projectiles and treat his wounds.

Based on the circumstances, Collins will not face criminal charges. Authorities anticipate charges will be filed against Jean once he is released from the hospital.

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Previous Story:

Deputies are investigating a shooting at a home on Highway 405 in Daviess County.

44News is told that a homeowner shot an intruder. The intruder attempted his way into his home by kicking in the door around 8 a.m. Tuesday. The homeowner convinced the intruder to leave but later came armed with an AR-15.

That’s when the homeowner took the matter into his own hands shooting the intruder once in the chest and once in the lower back.

The intruder is now undergoing surgery.

Stay with 44News on-air and online for updates.

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