Disciplinary Complaint Filed Against Knox County Prosecutor

A disciplinary complaint has been filed against the prosecutor for Knox County, Dirk Carnahan. It stems from an incident involving the former Knox County deputy prosecutor and an inmate.

In December 2017, a detective from the Vincennes Police Department conducted an interview with an inmate trying to figure out whether that inmate was having a sexual relationship with the former deputy prosecutor, Joseph Burton.

According to the filing, Reese had heard that that inmate was having a physical relationship with then-Deputy County Prosecutor Burton on and off for 20 years, and asked her if the prosecutor’s office had ever attempted to trade favors for leniency during that period.

The inmate responded that everything was consensual and that Deputy Burton had never been assigned to one of her cases.

In March 2018, the deputy prosecutor informed Knox County prosecutor Dirk Carnahan about the interview.

After Detective Reese directly denied an interview with the inmate ever took place, Carnahan phoned Chief of Vincennes Police Dusty Luking.

He felt the Vincennes Police Department had overstepped its bounds, and that he would see if criminal and civil charges could be filed against Reese.

He later filed an employee misconduct complaint–but the review board dismissed it

Following that dismissal, Carnahan wrote an email to the chief on May 16th, 2018.


From that email and the circumstances surrounding that case–the prosecutor is accused of exhibiting “An offensive personality in violation of the oath of attorneys,” and will go before the disciplinary commission on the grounds of professional misconduct.

44News will continue to follow developments in this case on air and online as more information becomes available.



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