Developing: Latest Details in Hopkins County Fatal Fire

One man is dead after his Hopkins County home caught fire overnight.

Kentucky State Police say the homeowner William D. Philips was the only victim.

“It was like ‘this is not happening, I’m having a bad dream,'” recalled neighbor Tracy Triplett. “We got a knock on the door. My husband went to the door and it was a lady that just happened to drive by and she saw the flame shooting out the house.”

But in the midst of her pain and grief for her neighbor of 15 years, she wished to honor his memory by making it known what kind of person he was.

“I told him I’m so thankful how much we thought of him, and he said ‘If there’s anything I could ever do for you let me know.’ I said the same, and that was the last I talked to him,” she remembered

Kentucky State Police and local firefighters were on the scene just around midnight on May 22, arriving to a home on Nebo Road engulfed in flames. When receiving the call from neighbors nearby, they initially didn’t know if the residence was occupied. When those first responders got there discovered that the 66-year-old Phillips had been inside.

“My husband came out here and he was laying in the driveway deceased.”

Phillips was pronounced dead at the scene by County Coroner Dennis Mayfield.

Even hours later–and after emergency crews left–plumes of smoke continued to billow from cooling embers.

Nebo firefighters arrived in the early morning hours to extinguish the smolders.

But what still remained:

A garage near full collapse.

Belongings and memories left charred.

A lingering marker, with lingering questions, and loved ones only beginning to process.

“They’re in shock, you know, they’re basically in shock too,” Triplett stated.

An autopsy is expected to be performed to find out exactly what happened. We’ll have more on this developing story as information becomes available.



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