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Deputies Recognized for Life Saving Efforts

Allen Middleton

Two deputies with the Posey County Sheriff’s Department are being recognized for their life saving efforts recently.

On July 2nd Deputy Melliff was patrolling when he observed an unconscious male on a roof call on the computer screen. Deputy Melliff was close to the area of the 911 call. After arriving on scene Deputy Melliff observed two men on a metal barn roof, one of which was laying down. Deputy Melliff climbed the ladder and tended to the unconscious man.

After checking for a pulse and not finding one, Deputy Melliff began CPR. Melliff continued CPR when members of the Marrs Township Fire Department arrived to assist.

The gentleman was placed in a stokes basket and lowered to the ground at the time PoseyCounty EMS personnel arrived to transport the gentleman to the hospital.

On the July 7th, Deputy Middleton was dispatched Hidbrader Road for a possible heroin overdose. Deputy Middleton was first to arrive and entered the house to observe a female laying on the living room floor. Deputy Middleton felt a week pulse and observed shallow breathing.

Jacob Melliff

Due to other knowledge, Deputy Middleton administered 4mg NARCAN nasal spray into her nose and rolled her to her left side and continued to observe her breath lightly. Within a few minutes, Posey County EMS arrived and Deputy Middleton told them he had administered NARCAN and they began working on her.

The patient was semi-responsive and talking and transported her to Deaconess Hospital by Posey County EMS



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