Dentist Provide Free Dental Care This Weekend

Baldwin Dental Care is hosting its sixth annual “Dentistry with a Heart” event this weekend.

They’ve helped hundred of people in recent years by providing dental care that’s completely free of charge.

“Every year it just seems to get bigger and bigger,” says Dr. Ben Baldwin, Dentist. “We do free fillings, we do cleanings, we do free extractions.”

The team at Baldwin Dental sets aside an entire day to offer free dental care for anyone 18 and older.

“People get here early in the morning,” says Baldwin. “We’ve had people here at 3 or 4 in the morning.”

For six years the dentists have worked to help those in the Tri-State have healthier and happier smiles.

“Some people cry,” says Baldwin. “They’re so grateful we’re helping them out because they fall into the cracks and they can’t really afford to get this done so its a good day.”

23% of Americans don’t have dental coverage and paying out of pocket can be tough if not impossible for many.

“People are in pain and they’re not only scared to go to the dentist, but they’re scared they can’t afford to get it done,” says Baldwin.

And just one small check-up can go a long way especially with overall health.

“Poor dental health to heart disease and stroke and respiratory disease and Alzheimer’s and cancer and you name it they’re starting to link it, so it’s really important for your mouth to be healthy,” says Baldwin.

As they say, it’s dentistry from the heart and from the heart it is.

“The community has been really good to us,” says Baldwin.



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